1. d0b33

    Mondelēz destroying good brands

    Mondelēz International (Formerly Kraft) has bought many trusted brands, and now is destroying each one of them. Let me explain... Jacobs Context: Jacobs a brand of coffee that traces its beginnings to 1895 in Germany was marketed in Europe by Douwe Egberts. In May 2014 Douwe Egberts...
  2. LazyLion

    Plastic bag levy goes into a black hole Just one more way in which this government is skimming off you and pocketing the money! :rolleyes:
  3. S

    Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world So to anyone who thought the #OccupyWallstreet global protests are unjustified, here's concrete proof.
  4. jes

    Online piracy is driven by greed

    Online piracy is driven by greed Industry expert Nathaniel Borenstein explains why digital ownership should not be treated the same as physical ownership
  5. R13...

    Madoff gets 150 years...

    CNN Breaking News - Madoff sentenced to 150 years for defrauding investors in a Pondzi scheme.
  6. A

    Obama 'outraged' at AIG bonuses

    President Obama said he was 'choked up with anger' Just goes to show arrogant and greedy some people are. Reminds me of all the Eskom bigwigs getting bonus when we where having rolling power cuts.