1. S

    Drove over carpet inner on highway

    So I was driving on the highway today and the grey fluffy thing that usually goes under the carpet flew into my path and I drove over it at 120Km/hr and I felt my car going over it. I just want to know if that would be a problem and if there is anything I should look out for?
  2. S

    Knock when driving over ridge indentation on highway

    I was driving on the highway and drove over one of those bumps/ridges that occur by bridges at about 110Km/hr and I heard like a bang on the passenger side like a stone knocked the underpart as I was driving over that bump/ridge on the road. I assume that it was a stone that knocked it though it...
  3. LazyLion

    Highway Bridge Collapses in North Western USA

    A bridge on one of the busiest interstate highways of Washington State, in the north-western United States, collapsed Thursday, tossing cars and passengers into a river, news reports said. Three people were injured but there were no fatalities in the incident, which occurred about 7 pm (0200...
  4. LazyLion

    Govt to announce e-toll date

    http://business.iafrica.com/news/819682.html Spot the problem here.... el Minstero speaks with forked tongue! :mad:
  5. LazyLion

    Britian's M5 crash, seven killed: Firework display is 'major line of inquiry'

  6. LazyLion

    Highway Closures planned for World Cup Final on Sunday! Preference given to VIPs.

    http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=6&click_id=4&art_id=vn20100708043357347C764020 So even after the debacle last night... they still want to give preference to the VIPs? :mad:
  7. J

    Buying a house next to the N1

    I am currently in the market for my first house and found the perfect house that suites my needs. The only problem with this house is that it is located right next to the N1. I guess one gets used to the noise factor and can put up extra fencing to try and prevent the possible break-ins from...
  8. M

    World's first flying car

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