1. H

    Powerline networking for fiber?

    Now that I've just installed fiber with a connection in my study (on openserve), what's the best way to get it to my TV? I'm told not to rely on wifi, so are there any good powerline adaptors/systems people can recommend and where to buy? A guy at work in the IT department told me there are...
  2. F

    Are Powerline adapters good?

    I am thinking of adding a computer upstairs in our house, but the router is downstairs. I was looking at Wifi, but I found this Powerline network system which seems cheaper and more stable These looks really good, no new wires, just plug one powerline adapter into a power plug near the...
  3. A

    Billion HomePlug technology - any opions?

    hi all, I've struggled for ages with coming up with an accceptalbe networking solution for linking up a couple of laptops, a desptop, printer, and possibly an xbox/wii, so as to share a broadband connection and printer. The kit is in various rooms, as well as an outside study, acrooss an area...
  4. jes

    MyBroadband weekly giveaway: Wireless-N HomePlug Starter Kit

    MyBroadband weekly giveaway: Wireless-N HomePlug Starter Kit Stand a chance to win a Wireless-N HomePlug AV 200 Ethernet Starter Kit. Use it to create a broadband network out of your in-home power lines
  5. S

    Date over power, aka Homeplug

    Has anyone used these homeplugs like what Miro is selling: http://miro.co.za/detail.aspx?pid=1134&p=Networking&sp=HomePlug%20-%20Data%20over%20Powerline&spp=HomePlug or anything similar? How good are they and how many are you using in one network? We're looking at putting about 8 of them...