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  1. Wolfe&Co

    Absolute Hosting saved my business in 2022!!

    Hi MyBB Forum.. just sharing my heartwarming experience with Absolute Hosting... So back in October 2019 we launched our first company Wolfe&Co. not knowing what the web design industry had in store for us, as any web design company, web hosting comes quite naturally as both a sales tool and a...
  2. S

    Fastest WordPress Hosting in South Africa

    Hi guys, This is a question specifically about WordPress performance on Linux hosted servers. This is not about value for money, good customer support or anything else. I've been developing client websites on (or transferring to) a variety of tiered Linux hosting solutions from Afrihost...
  3. cobuskruger

    Local hosting for a .io domain

    I have a .io domain parked at NameCheap that I want to use for a local site. I prefer hosting with a local company in part because billing is more predictable, but I'm not completely opposed to foreign hosting. Anyways, I took up a shared hosting account with Axxess. I could transfer my other...
  4. A

    Nitigrity about hosting - What hosting companies do not tell you

    Whether you starting a blog or a small business be sure to do thorough research before you to choose your hosting provider. I have had bad experience jumping for "CHEAP" hosting only to find out that i could not even load pictures or load videos on my website because the hosting package was...
  5. T

    Serv Hosting - Worst Service i have ever experienced

    Serv Hosting - Worst Service i have ever experienced I am busy hosting with serv hosting, and i have been experiencing alot of issues this last week on my domains. I get hold of a technician he starts to help me (you can't really call it help), but anyway nothing gets resolved. I call them...
  6. M

    Hosting Problems

    Is there anybody that deals with and has had problems?
  7. jes

    Cybersmart offers free bandwidth to hosting resellers

    Cybersmart offers free bandwidth to hosting resellers Cybersmart offers hosting resellers 25 GB of free bandwidth and 6 GB of free disk space