1. Jp Van Eeden

    LTE modems with backup battery?

    Hey all. I hope this is in the right place. I'm desperately looking for a modem that takes a sim card and comes with a backup battery. I know the Huawei b315 has one that works really well but it's discontinued and I'm really struggling to find one. Maybe if you have any alternate suggestions...
  2. P

    Need help deciding what antenna to buy

    I have a Huawei E5573 router and after moving my router to my room I am not getting the same internet speed that I had when it was in the living room. I am useless with these type of stuff and struggling to find indoor antennas for the router that will work. Any help would be appreciated even...
  3. JRJakkals

    Axxess&Afrihost New MTN Fixed LTE - Huawei b315

    Hi Everybody I see Afrihost and Axxess have a new MTN Fixed LTE deal. So I bought a MTN sim card\loaded some data and using a Huawei b315 and the internet is working. I see the MTN APN settings are different from Afrihost and Axxess MTN. My question is why cant I use my Huawei b315 even if it...
  4. J

    Cannot decide between Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung A70

    hey guys, so the wifes phone not working anymore (don't ask fell in the toilet, so I am looking for a new phone for her. Ive narrowed my choice down to the A70 over the A50. i am happy with that. now i need to decide between the A70 or the huawei P20 pro. one thing that...
  5. ItHurtsWhenIP

    Huawei B315s-22 and Vodafone R218h on RAIN

    Hi there, I own both the routers mentioned in the title and when using Rain off-peak on the R218h I get average speeds of 30mbps/10mbps but on the B315s-22 (connected to laptop via ethernet) I only get 25mbps/2.5mbps. My neighborhood isn't covered by Rain as per their coverage map but my...
  6. U

    router battery (power bank) for Huawei b315

    Item: The back up battery which came with my Huawei B315 router. One user tested successfully on a B618. Manual says that battery lasts 2-3 hours but some forumites have reported better usage. see here and cr@zydude's feedback below. Age and condition: Immaculate - bought brand new end of...