iburst hell

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    iBurst taught me a lesson I won't forget

    It seems that the only way to get iBurst to fix anything is to shame them on their Twitter feed or Facebook page. See my blog post "iBurst taught me a lesson I won't forget" for all the gory details. In summary: Tech support refused to tell me where the nearby base stations were There is...
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    *READ FIRST* iBurst Billing & Customer Service Queries

    Please contact our call center first on 087 720 2020. Or Log the query on our website by clicking on the "Happy with us? Not? Tell us why" link, or directly here. The turnaround time is 24hrs. Alternatively, send us an email on helpdesk@iburstgroup.co.za the turnaround time is 48hrs to...
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    Iburst Nightmares

    I've had constant trouble with iBurst from the start, I've only been with them for three weeks (from the 1st of December). They've botched my account setup twice so I'm now on my third username, I've had issues with connecting, or logging on, the service being unavailable, at least a couple...