1. S

    Speaker ID and Advice

    Hi Audiophiles ;) I have been given 4 identical bookshelf speakers with the idea of replacing my Sony AV speakers. The speakers have no branding or info on the speaker housing nor the speakers themselves. Hopefully somebody here can help me get an idea of what speakers they are. Also...
  2. LazyLion

    The SA Smart ID Card Thread

    It would take up to eight years to issue all South Africans with so-called smart card identity documents, Home Affairs Minister Naledi Pandor said on Thursday. The department believed once the process was underway it could print some three million ID cards a year, using the government...
  3. W

    Facebook Identity Theft

    Ok, so a friend of mine recently noticed that someone has set up a facebook profile using photo's and information about her. I encouraged her to report this profile, and after it has been missing for a week or so it has popped back up under a (slightly) different name. Now, I don't know what...
  4. R

    Getting a number off the National Consumer Database

    I've been getting cold calls on my cell phone from bunches of companies, all of whom think that I'm somebody I'm not - and always the same person. None of them check my name and ID though - they just start talking. I finally asked one of them where they got my number from, and it turned out...
  5. R

    The new crime wave

    The new crime wave