import duties

  1. Jan

    Amazon import test vs buying local from Takealot - Xiaomi Redmi 9A

    Ordering a smartphone from Takealot vs Amazon — the winner is clear MyBroadband recently ordered Xiaomi Redmi 9A smartphones through Takealot and Amazon, and found that Takealot was the best option. While we expected Takealot to deliver first, there was a contest to see which platform would be...
  2. Jan

    Buying tech from Takealot vs importing from Amazon price comparison

    The one thing you should not buy from Amazon in South Africa Although many products on Takealot can be found for cheaper on, there is one category of tech devices that you should avoid importing with the US shopping giant altogether — monitors. With Takealot being South Africa's...
  3. A

    Importing Photography Equipment Into South Africa

    Good Afternoon! I have been looking online for some deals on a Nikon D3500. I found one or two good ones on and I was wondering if there are any import duties or customs taxes associated with that. The product i'm interested in does ship here. I have ordered electronics via Amazon...
  4. J

    Importing guitar amps

    I know that you don't have to pay import duties when importing a stringed instrument, to SA. I just wanted to know if the same applies for guitar amps.
  5. D

    Buying a Marshall stanmore speaker from USA approx R3220?

    Hi I want to buy a Marshall Stanmore bluetooth speaker off the official marshall website in the USA. Cost is $199 (approx. R2800) Shipping is $0 from the website which uses DHL SA Import duty states free import duty on loudspeakers 8518.2 South African Customs will charge me VAT of 15% Total...
  6. Muhammad22

    Guide : How to get an IMPORTERS CODE for a registered company

    Guide : How to get an IMPORTERS CODE for a registered company This is a guide on how to register for a importers/customs code under your companies name.This is not the individual/personal importers code. Requirements You need to have a registered company which is registered for tax. (If you...
  7. B

    DHL vs Fedex vs TnT vs Others

    Hi All, We are running a business which includes importing mainly 2 types of electronic devices straight from China. We deal with only two suppliers. So far we have been shipping with whoever seems more convenience for the exporter. We want to get an account with a courier that can also clear...
  8. J

    Amazon question

    I've spotted some few items from Amazon that I'd like to buy. I'm familiar with online shopping locally but every time I look up purchasing from international stores, the words 'import duties' and 'customs' keep popping. So my questions are: 1. How does import duties and customs work on Amazon...
  9. E

    Anyone import from FRSPORT.COM?

    Hi guys.. First time opening a thread on this forum Has anyone here perhaps ordered from Or can maybe direct to an established and legitimate online store to buy and import aftermarket car parts from. They're based in the U.S and I'm looking specifically at their lowering...
  10. S

    Import Photography Equipment

    I'm looking to buy a camera from the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 range but am skeptical as to what I am going to pay on import duties. I read this, "Whilst there is no customs duty on photographic equipment into South Africa you will be liable for 14% VAT on the declared value of your goods, which...
  11. S

    Importing Miners into South Africa

    I managed to buy an Antminer L3 from Bitmain in the rare 10 minutes that they actually have stock every other week and will have it dispatched from China in the next two weeks. Has anyone done this before and know the process? I'll be using FedEx for the shipment. Some of the things that I...
  12. H

    Asus Infinity import duties

    Hi all, I am struggling with that eternal question, should I get the New Ipad (16GB is sold for R4999.99 at or look at Importing the New Asus Infinity from the USA (B&H sells the 32GB for $499 and the shipping is roughly $85). I see that the first local company to sell the Asus...
  13. D

    Thinking about buying photographic equipment from overseas - Opinions ?

    Hey Guys Now I am thinking about bringing photographic equipment in from either USA or UK. Been looking at the overseas sites and ebay, and ebay has some brilliant prices but obviously there the important things to worry about. Foreign land Import Duties Speed of delivery and What will...
  14. N

    Import duties and/or VAT on tablet from USA

    Hey It is almost bonus time, and I want to get myself a tablet. They are so damn expensive in SA, so I thought I could import one. I was thinking of spending max R4000 on it (including customs etc). What will the charges be to import, say a R3500 tablet? I heard it is...