1. J

    How to import from the US

    How to import from the US How can I import items from the US and what does it cost? I am asked this question frequently, and I will answer it today.
  2. J

    Clearing Agents

    Hi I will be importing some goods from Bali Indonesia. Value about R40 000. Do I need a clearing agent or would I be able to handle clearing on my own. In process of registering for importer code with SARS
  3. T

    Importing goods

    Hi all,I'm a Saffer living in the USA and I would like to start selling some things from here in the USA - my sister in SA will be selling them. I have looked into all the import/exports ins and outs, but can't get a whole lot of clarity on importing small batches of stuff - like 50 books, or...
  4. J

    Personal Import Limits

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone has some knowledge re. the personal importation limits of electronic goods into South Africa. I'm based in the UK and have am planning on making good on the ludicrous black Friday deals here and then bring some things back to ZA for personal and resale...
  5. Z

    How to import from GearBest and more

    Importing in SA (V1.6 Update 24/01/2019) This information is given without warranty or guarantee and you use it at your own risk. It might be bias but this is my view on things, so use it if you wish. We have learnt a lot about importing and would like to share this information. There are...
  6. B

    Online store that might be useful in the future.

    Failure Thread xD -closed-
  7. swb

    Importing and shipping assistance [Startup]

    I'm in the process of importing niche motorcycle accessories and replacement parts from South America and China. The products are all priced within R300 to R800 and are the size of a shoebox and smaller, weighing anything from 1kg to under 5kg. I've done all my market research and have...
  8. P

    Importing sweets to South Africa

    Hi guys, a friend of mine would like to import sweets (candy) from China into South Africa and would like to know where to start. He's got a few portuguese friends who will sell the candy in their shops, he just needs to bring it in, so getting set-off points is not the issue. There are...
  9. Z

    Buying and importing Headphones from AMAZON.COM

    Hey guys, i hope you can help me out here - what are the charges related to this product when it reaches south africa, will i pay import duties and vat or just vat, What price is the VAT based on? the value of the item, or the value of the item including shipping?Also who do i pay the VAT...
  10. A

    Importing goods using a US postbox service

    Hi there, I did a search and found a number of long threads regarding importing from the US, but none that answer my question specifically. I've just moved back to SA, and I am in need of a few items only available from the US. Everything from custom cake pans for my wife, to small consumer...
  11. D

    Costs involved with importing

    Hi guys. I plan on buying a tablet soon and I'm weighing up my options. I've found this which seems suitable. I've found a few guys selling these tablets locally but there's also the option of buying it from the manufacturer (based in China) from the above link. Now, the price of the...
  12. N

    Import taxes/duties for importing Music CD's into South Africa...

    Hello there. I am looking to import CD's from into South Africa for my own personal enjoyment. I found an import duties calculator on the web that states that one only pays import taxes in SA when the value of the music CD (or CDs) reaches R500 (Of course, this only applies to...
  13. stroebs

    Importing computers/laptops into SA

    I am planning to import an ASUS G73JH-A2 from the States (Very nice lappie - Core i7-720M, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB(2x500GB) HDD, ATi HD5870 1GB DDR5 GPU, 17.3" FHD LCD) I have heard so many different things from other people and from searching the forums but not sure what to believe. This is...
  14. D

    Importing from China

    I been to China lately/recently and their prices are really cheap! It was my First time there for Business purposes! I look around and found (converted to our currency) A PS3 for R1800:eek: 40gig HDD Nintendo's Wii console for R1300 and lots more.. Enough of this wants, (we can talk...