1. Lefty309

    Importing stuff through the Post Office

    Hi. For anyone who imports stuff through the post office, do you put down your residential address when placing your order, or the address of your nearest post office branch? I believe using your residential address means the items are delivered to a random branch in your area, correct me if...
  2. F

    Don't camera importers pay shipping, VAT, etc?

    I see a certain digital camera is available in the US for $899, i.e. R13 900. Local camera stores are pricing it at R12 400 - R14 300. How is this possible?
  3. D

    Customs help

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a contact at customs or jhb mail centre? I have had a parcel sent from the US with the USPS first class package service and I can only track it up until US borders. I understand that you can phone and get a local tracking number but they say that parcel has not yet...
  4. Z

    Buy/import AHCC

    Hi I'm looking for an immune booster supplement that can assist in well being of cancer patients amoung other benefits. The supplement is called AHCC, apparently this is an over the counter supplement overseas. Unfortunately this does not seem to be available in South Africa. Does...