1. 1

    Insurance for Uber Fleet

    Good day I want to know from either Uber/Bolt fleet owners or Shuttle service fleet owners that also do Uber/Bolt, what insurance company would you recommend based on your experience? Experience in claiming, premiums and excess. Other experiences as well N.B! I have done my research, this has...
  2. Jan

    Installing a backup power system can affect your insurance - King Price

    How your home's backup power can impact your insurance South Africans with backup power systems at home must ensure that their insurance is aware of their installation and that it has been safely and correctly set up and configured. King Price Insurance spokesperson Wynand van Vuuren recently...
  3. Cyrus_Omerta

    Naked Insurance vs Santam vs Hollard

    Hi everyone, Thanks in advance for reading and helping. Im shopping for new car insurance for my Nissan micra, after getting tired of Discovery insure shafting me almost double the average for my vehicle (R922 with Vitality Drive). I received comprehensive car insurance quotes from Naked and...
  4. 1

    Business car insurance

  5. spamsam

    Who is the best insurer for motorcycles?

    Who's the best, and why. For that matter let's see who the worst is also. I can't be the only one that wants to know.
  6. M

    Naked Insurance settlement payout for written off car

    Does anyone know how long Naked Insurance takes to pay the settlement amount in the event that a vehicle is written off? My details have been sent for payment to the relevant department today. I have found a vehicle that interests me and want to give the seller an indication of when I will be...
  7. nah-no

    Car Insurance: Pay more per month for no excess

    Just got a call from discovery car insurance. I am currently paying them R1200 with R4000 excess (which I always have on hand, in emergency fund) but the sales person wants me to increase the premium to R1350 for R0 excess. I've only ever claimed once for a write off, in November 2020. Is this...
  8. J

    Engagement Ring Insurance

    Hey Guys, I'm going to pop the question soon and wanted to find out how I go about insuring my diamond/ring? I am under the impression that I receive a valuation certificate with the ring and present this to an insurer. Do I have to get the ring valued every couple of months/years? Do you...
  9. P

    Best Insurance Company

    I am looking to change my insurer for my car and household items and thought I would get some recommendations. Please let me know who you would / would not recommend. Thanks!
  10. M

    Short Term Insurance Help or Tips

    Goodday all, I need some tips to reduce my short term insurance premiums. I am insuring 2 vehicles and household content. My insurance premium went up by 15% in January. This is annual inflation. We moved from a complex to a free standing house in the suburbs. Increase by R300. And I added...
  11. H

    Insurance - Track Days

    Anyone recommend an insurance company for Track Day (Car) Insurance. Not racing - just general public track days.
  12. cyberghost47

    Laptop Insurance - advice needed

    Hi guys. I purchased a gaming laptop yesterday as I plan on traveling next year. Since these things don't come cheap I want to insure it in case something happens. I don't currently have ANY form of insurance whatsoever so I can't just "Add" it to my home insurance. Any advice would be...
  13. L

    Insurance claim amount

    So about 2 weeks back my car got stolen. Went through the process of claiming from the insurance (where you get treated like a criminal actually) Everything was finalised and got sent a document with the amount they paying out. I was insured for the market value of the car. The payout in my...
  14. J

    Insurers deny using trackers to spy on drivers

    Insurers deny using trackers to spy on drivers Vehicle tracking devices are capable of collecting a wealth of data about your driving habits, location, and activity, although South African insurers state that they do not use this data without the driver's permission. Speaking to the Sunday...
  15. T

    Loom Insurance for Smart Devices

    Hi, I am shopping for insurance for my devices, MacBook, iPhone and Apple Watch. To add them to my home contents is expensive, I came across Loom insurance and they are really cheap. Their reviews online are good, but has anyone here used them before?
  16. W

    3rd Party Claim

    Hi there Can you please advise me? I was involved in a car crash (there were no injuries) just a few weeks ago. I did not have car insurance at that time and the other lady was at fault so i'm going to claim from her insurance. The insurance advised me to get three qoutations from different...
  17. K

    Massive issue with licensing department

    I’m really hoping someone can help. 9 years ago my cat was stolen. I reported it stolen and the registration number was taken down incorrectly. After three months of trying to get it fixed, my insurer (First Gor Women) told me they had a contact in SAPS and would get it corrected and then have...
  18. 12race

    Buying a used Lexus in South Africa - 2011 LEXUS IS 250 ES or EX

    First time poster, AMAZING platform I've been using for research for the last 6 years though! I'm hoping to open up a thread that can give some fresh and relevant info on owning a Lexus. Important facts like the average service costs, common problems (if any because so far all I'm finding is...
  19. NicJLock

    First-time Car Insurance - Broker or no?

    Hey all, So here's the situation: I'm 25 and have settled into a job that I can see myself doing for the long haul. Pay isn't fantastic yet, but I've been there 6 months and can already see the potential for growth. I'm looking to take over my car insurance. Currently a registered driver on my...
  20. E

    Discovery Insurance claims and service

    Hi Folks, being a first time claimer for a burglary at home, I've had nothing but bad service from Discovery Insure. What has been your experience with Discovery, when submitting claims? Specifically when it comes to communications and how long it took to get your claim settled?