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    Replacement intercomm system for complex

    Good morning, I've been tasked with finding an appropriate replacement for our intercom system at our complex. If you would either recommend a product or a company to use I'd appreciate it. We require the following; GSM features, preferably with a monthly cost instead of having to...
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    How2check balance on vodacom without having simcard in a phone/logging onto website

    Hi, I live in a townhouse complex that has an intercom at the gate which is used to call people if you press the unit number on the intercom. It takes a simcard which obviously requires airtime balance to be loaded in order to call the tenants. The frustration comes in when the airtime...
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    injustice of the university of limpopo Guys please tell everyone about this disgrace this university has disempowerd its students for too long.
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    School Intercom Systems

    Hi, I'm looking for a 50-60 station school intercom systems. If at all possible a wireless systems or something that will run though our school's data network.
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    DIY Video Intercom system

    Hi All, I am not sure where to post this topic, so i posted in the off topic. I am planning on buying one of those Builders warehouse video intercom systems and i was wondering if i could use that to open my motorized gate at home? I mean instead of a magnetic lock when you press the unlock...
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    Complex intercom - splitting the cellphone bill

    Our complex wants to split our cellphone bill for our Mircom and bill homeowners individually. The managing agents say it's hugely painstaking process which doesn't justify the time spent sifting through all the data (of course they would say that). Is it feasible to do this, and if so, what...
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    Video Intercom for the house..

    Our current intercom system was inhereted from the previous owners of the house and it doesn't work properly so half the time we won't even know if someone is at the door. So I'm thinking of upgrading the system to a video intercom system so that when someone's at the gate I can actually see...