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    ISP Afrika - Constant loss of connectivity

    Good Evening Ladies and Gents ISP Afrika 50mbps Fibre I’m typing this out on my mobile LTE device sitting here all relaxed because this has happened so many times before that I’ve already given up. I will be moving soon and don’t want to go through the schlep of getting a new service provided...
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    ISPAfrika - Good Job !!!

    I thought I will just give a shout out to Garth and ISPAfrika ! In less than a week they got me sorted with fibre ! In contrast to webAfrica who after now 7 weeks said i don't have fibre in my complex ! Well done guys ! After dealing with a few of the ISPs you guys were really really good...
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    Afrihost, ISPAfrika Static IP Address Bad combo

    hi FYI If you take out a line with ISP Afrika and Data from Afrihost with option of wifi phone this combo cant work ISP Afrika requires a static IP adress and Afrhost does not provide static address on non business lines Any solutions from other ISPs confirmed with Legotlo and...
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    ISPAfrika Installation and Speed Tests

    Hi Guys, thought I would share my experience here as I am sure many are looking for reliable fiber providers. Line: 20 mbps 10GB capped fiber for R549 using Telkom Fiber. Data: 200Gb capped Afrihost with Afrihost+ which doubles data making it 400gb daily data and uncapped from midnight to...