1. S

    Double Cab Advice

    Whats Happening Forum, Im looking at buying a second hand Double Cab, so far we are interested in the Nissan Hardbody 3000 TD 4x4 or the Isuzu KB300 TDi LX. Both models around the 2004/5 year mark and a ceiling price of R115000. Im also pretty set on going for diesel. Please can you...
  2. M


    Hi there For a while my gearbox used to get stuck changing gears and also never used to start. I had the entire clutch system replaced and the changing gears is fine now. I had electrical problems with my lights and still do and am going to get them sorted. Recently it kept on switching...
  3. Rouxenator

    Used 4x4 DC - Hilux or KB < R200k

    I need for find a double cab 4x4 Isuzu or Toyota for under R200k - quickly if possible. Can be any spec level (LE or LX / SRX or Raider). The problem I found so far is that all the Hilux models on sale are ex-fleet cars and that is something I want to avoid at all cost. Ideally I would like...