1. Gordon_R

    Kenya's former President Daniel arap Moi dies aged 95
  2. Gordon_R

    [Video] Huge crack opens in Kenya's Rift Valley Selected text/captions:
  3. Ivan Leon

    VW’s SA plant to send kit-form cars to Kenya
  4. M

    12 Kenyan men ambushed and circumcised for being bad in bed

  5. J

    IBM opens Kenyan research centre

    IBM opens research lab in Kenya A new IBM research centre in Kenya will help develop public services within the African country
  6. jes

    Kenya is "Surprised and shocked" at WikiLeaks revelations

    Kenya is "Surprised and shocked" at WikiLeaks revelations Kenya's government is "surprised and shocked" by media reports US diplomats in the East African nation were scathing of the ruling parties in diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks website.
  7. LazyLion

    Kenya gets new American-style constitution Sounds Great! Let's hope this is time of nice growth for Kenya!
  8. Kloon

    Student needing info on cellphones in Kenya

    Please help this student out by commenting on her blog if you know anything about what cellphones are being used in Kenya.
  9. S

    Kenyan Justice : The Cholmondleley Case,,2-11-1447_2516419,00.html Anyone watch the DSTV programme about this case? If you thought our justice system was bad, watch the Kenyan system. They looked like they were making it up as they went along.:eek:
  10. rpm

    SEACOM begins construction
  11. rpm

    Broadband blockage
  12. rpm

    SEACOM Marine Survey to start in South Africa