1. A

    Rain Mobile Network

    Anyone else experiencing slow Network Speed? Or have I just reached my usage threshold?
  2. Jan

    R1.5-billion solar power plant officially launched

    R1.5-billion solar power plant unveiled for SA The deputy minister of science and technology, Michael Masutha, recently unveiled the Droogfontein solar power plant near Kimberley in the Northern Cape.
  3. LazyLion

    Cops Search for Injured Kimberley Rapist

    Police were searching for a man who was injured as he attacked and raped a woman in Kimberley on Friday morning, Northern Cape spokesman Lieutenant Donald Mdhluli said. The man attacked the woman, 30, as she walked home from a tavern in the Greenpoint area. "It is alleged that the suspect...
  4. LazyLion

    Kimberley Uni to Open in 2014

    The first university in the Northern Cape should open its doors in 2014, the higher education department said this week. The legal process for getting the university off the ground was advanced after a record of intention was signed by various officials in Kimberley on Tuesday. "This will...
  5. CrzWaco

    Wisp in Kimberley

    I was wondering if there is a wisp provider in Kimberley? Google does not give me any wisp there but maybe someone on there wisp reads these forums, and could give me a link to a wisp website, thanks.