1. RedViking

    Ford South Africa issues third recall of Kuga vehicles

    "Ford Motor Company South Africa has issued another urgent safety recall of its Kuga vehicles. The recall comes after Ford discovered that the insulation surrounding the front seatbelt retractor’s pre-tensioner posed a fire risk in the event of a head-on collision. Ford says that activation of...
  2. R

    Ford Clutch not lasting?

    I own a 2016 Ford Focus, Manual, 1.5T with around 40 000km on the clock. clutch gone and now have to fit a bill of R 13 000 to have it replaced. apparently this is due to driving style... interesting enough I've owned in excess of 10 vehicles each with well over 100 000km driven and I've only...
  3. H

    Complaint to NCC regarding Ford Kuga

    So I own a 1.6l Ford Kuga. As of today my car has been parked at a Ford Dealership for almost 2 months. We dropped it off around the 10th of January and I've been driving a rental (at their expense) ever since. They indicated to my husband that my car was in fact one of those affected and that...