Complaint to NCC regarding Ford Kuga


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Apr 16, 2015
So I own a 1.6l Ford Kuga. As of today my car has been parked at a Ford Dealership for almost 2 months. We dropped it off around the 10th of January and I've been driving a rental (at their expense) ever since. They indicated to my husband that my car was in fact one of those affected and that they needed to replace the parts that were affected. He told them that they should take their time with it, as I don't want to drive in that thing.

I bought a SUV specifically for safety. I have a one year old daughter that I drive around and who is still being strapped into a car seat. I am terrified that the car is going to burst into flames and I won't have enough time to get her out. Sheesh, I get heart palpitations just thinking about it.

I'm busy filling in forms to submit a complaint to the NCC, and was hoping for some guidance. Does anybody have any experience with the NCC and the type of information to include in my complaint?

Just as an example, looking at the forms, it asks for the Nature of complaint. What do I say? Kuga is a death trap? I guess not. What goes here? Product safety maybe? or Safety concern?

Has anybody else here submitted a complaint to the NCC in respect of their Kuga?


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Oct 1, 2005

The myth that SUV's are safer than normal cars really needs to die.
The benefit in a head on between a sedan and SUV with the same safety rating (even better, same manufacturer and same underlying vehicle platform) will go to the SUV, due to being heavier, it would be the one that decelerates slowest in the accident (due to mass and momentum), which is what you want.