1. Psyndrome

    Telkom / Openserve Fibre Technician Trainer

    Urgently looking for Fibre Technician who has / is working on the Telkom / Openserve network. To provide a days training to a team of 5 from reading orders to splicing and ONT installations. If training goes well, looking to bring onboard on an ongoing basis. Will pay substantially.
  2. P

    Can anyone help me programme my Rii i25 mini remote

    Hey there. I've just purchased a Rii i25 mini remote. It looks like it's a very nice remote, but for the life of me I'm struggling to program the IR buttons. I bought it on Takealot. In the ad it said it had 24 programmable buttons. But when I activate the learning function, only 4 buttons on...
  3. D

    1'st year UP Electronic Engineering student here

    Hello all, My name is Dylan. I would just like to extend my humble greetings to all the members on this forum. This year I will be commencing my studies, towards a B.Eng in Electronic Engineering, at the University of Pretoria. Electronics design, computer programming/software development...
  4. V

    Online short courses: UCT vs Yellow&Red (Quirk)

    Hi :)! I have a degree in Public Relations and Advertising and I have been working at an Agency as an Account Executive for a year. I got a job offer in Brand Management and would like to take it up. I'd like to take some courses in preparation for this job. I would like to do an...
  5. LazyLion

    Pupils told to stay away from School

    Cosatu and teachers' unions have asked high school pupils to take a day off to join a protest march against education inequality, it was reported on Tuesday. "We feel everyone must make a sacrifice of one day to highlight the inadequacy of their schools," Western Cape Congress of SA Trade...
  6. S

    Some advice for new and newish players joining DoTa2

    Hi Guys, I've been seeing a lot of new people joining in the awesomeness which is Dota 2 and I'd just like to give some advice for all the beginners and mediocre players out there. Edit: "You are going to have to have thick skin to play Dota 2. To get around this major barrier of entry, PLAY...
  7. A


    If anyone else is interested in following this... http://www.chefsteps.com/ And the blog about the site/courses: http://www.chefstepsblog.com/
  8. Z

    Educational Software used at schools.

    I'm doing research on the different types of educational software that is used in the school environment, primary or high school. Namely in IT (Information Technology) Mathematics ( eg: Master Maths, Kami Math) Technology. (grade 7-9) Thanks
  9. D

    Web resources to teach basic compute/web knowledge for adults

    I have a few acquaintances that lack all computer/web savy. (I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one with this problem) Instead of spending frustrating hour upon frustrating hour on the phone, I would like to point them to a site and politely ask them to help themselves. The only one I...