1. D

    2k admin fees on lease. Reasonable?

    Hi folks, I got a flat to rent in Kempton park and out of the blue the agent told me about a R2000 admin fee that wasn't not advertised on the listing. I brought the issue to their attention but they wouldn't budge. Have I been living under a rock? Is the R2000 justifiable on a R5500 flat.
  2. OnlyOneKenobi

    The evils of Estate Agents and Ending Rental Agreements

    Hi, Recently, we bought a house and ended our rental agreement with a certain estate agency as we took residence in our newly purchased house. As part of the process, an agent did an inspection of the townhouse we rented and noted that the carpets were dirty - in my and my wife's opinion...
  3. C

    Advice? Bought house and current tenants refuse to move?

    I need some advice. I bought a town house and my offer to purchase stated that I were to move in 1 Dec 2013. The premises is currently being leased to someone else. But now they refuse to move. I am all packed and nowhere to go. I have to be out by the end of this week in the place that...
  4. S

    How much do the operators pay in rental for a base station site?

    So a friend has asked me to do some investigations. One of the big 3 operators has approached him to put up a base station on his property. They require a 9x9m piece of vacant land, of which he has plenty. His property is slightly on the outskirts of a big Johannesburg suburb, between 2...
  5. A

    Landlords/agents and deposit held in trust

    I have some questions around the deposit held in trust, and hoping someone here can answer. Relates specifically to a leasing arrangement where there is an agent involved, and the deposit is held in a s78(2A) trust account. Is there meant to be both an Agent Fee and a Monthly Admin Fee, both...
  6. M

    Desperate to find house to let - Durban (Berea / Musgrave area only)

    Hi Guys Am in a real bind here. My family and I bought a house in Jan 09, since then we've been struggling to evict the former owners of the place, our earliest court date is in Mid December and the lease on our current place has expired :eek: we didn't figure on being stuck here for so long...