1. QuintonB

    LG demos first LTE voice-to-video call

    First LTE voice-to-video call LG announced that it has performed the first voice-to-video conversion on LTE
  2. soldierboi

    LG vs. Philips Home Theater??

    I cant make my mind up on these two home theater sets: LG HT964TZ & Philips HTS3568DW. LG: Pros: Looks great, Good sound quality, 1080p Upscaling Cons: 1 HDMI input, abit more expensive (R5000 - R6000) Philips: Pros: Looks good, wireless rear speakers (with receiver incl), ipod...
  3. Rouxenator

    Average phone - Great OS

    Just came across a review of the LG KT610 on gsmarena.com and it is pretty much a mixed bag. While the hardware is nothing to get excited about it is interesting to see the software. Seems more and more the Koreans are looking at running Symbian. Now, this might have to do with the fact that...