1. Prawnapple

    A crunching multiverse to solve two physics puzzles at once
  2. J

    Home lighting

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I've bought what seems like a hundred rubbish lights for outside now and I'm really getting sick of having to replace them. Could someone recommend what they know as a good outside light brand or model that can do as many of the following things as...
  3. E

    How to take 16.7MP product photos on Canon EOS-1D Mark II Digital SLR Camera

    Hello everyone, sorry if this is silly, I am just starting and its confusing. I got CanonEOS-1D Mark II and trying to figure out how to make good product photography photo. Its really difficult to put light together, I got 2000 watt LED at 1000 each. Neewer s-400N flash, white background and I...
  4. mercurial

    Light could make semiconductor computers a million times faster or even go quantum

    Light could make semiconductor computers a million times faster or even go quantum
  5. Newsfeed

    Twisted light can make wireless broadband faster than fibre

    Twisted light can make wireless broadband faster than fibre Scientists have taken a step toward using twisted light as a form of wireless, high-capacity data transmission.
  6. C

    Looking for small convex mirror (to make beauty dish)

    Hey everyone I'm starting with a little DIY project, I want to make my own Beauty Dish. But the most difficult part for me to get my hands on is a small convex mirror, roughly 10cm diameter max (approximately a CD size). Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one? The local...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Test will show if the speed of light has changed

    Test will show if the speed of light has changed A theory challenging that the speed of light is a constant will soon be put to the test, according to a report by Science Daily.
  8. D

    Urgent: Toyota Corolla Flasher Relay

    Hey Guys, My grandfather drives a 2004/5 Toyota Corolla and last week the indicators/flashers just stopped working. All the fuses are fine in all of the fuse boxes on the vehicle. We suspect it is the flasher relay, but when we took it to the "Extremely Helpful" :mad: parts department at Fury...
  9. A

    N300 internet light completely off

    Hi I have a netgear n300 from telkom thats maybe 2 months old. All of a sudden this morning my internet light went off and have not been able to connect since. Have even done factory reset and re entered my details and even loaded my backup config. I have searched the manual for the router as...
  10. R

    Night Driving Without Headlights :confused:

    Let us keep this germane, shall we? ;) In my city, with well-lit streets, many vehicles are driven even past midnight, without headlights switched on. I find it interesting as I am not sure why this is happening. On my street, an average of 30 vehicles per hour. It is in an upmarket...
  11. antowan

    Light but powerfull in the 10" and up notebook catagory

    What would you recommend in the league of the HP Folio 13, Lenovo x220 etc?
  12. LazyLion

    ANC bash: 3 held over green laser light So were these guys arrested because the green laser light was a real threat, or because this was the ANC bash? This reminds me of the spilling the drink near Zuma Assault charge.
  13. O

    Brand new iPhone4 faulty - Vodacom refuses to exchange

    Well the topic basically says it all. A friend of mine bought an iPhone4 yesterday afternoon from a Vodacom outlet. This morning he sees the light stays on and cannot be turned off. Googling this reveals it to have occurred on many other phones, and each time Apple exchanges the phone.. no...
  14. G

    LED Pool Light

    I was thinking of installing an LED pool light as my current bulb has blown and called a very helpful 'Pool Man' in Cape Town Southern Subs to get a quote. He however suggested that I rather not go for an LED bulb. He said that they had had a fair number of problems with them and many customers...
  15. mercurial

    Cloaking technology may be one step closer to reality

  16. mercurial

    Scientists: Humans Naturally Glow in the Dark

  17. mercurial

    'Star Trek'-Style Warp Drive: Tough, but Not Impossible