line migration

  1. M

    Does anyone have the telkom CEO contact details? or should i go with ICASA?

    Well, never expected to pay and be waiting since december, but took out a voice line over a year ago and this was installed, then thought ADSL is a good idea so in January I signed up for Axxess capped with them managing line rental. At that time telkom suspends the voice account and then...
  2. T

    Who hosts my adsl line?

    Alright so I will jump straight in. Previously I had a data subscription with Mweb for 1mbps. I decided to change to Afrihost and upgrade to 10mbps uncapped. I also decided to migrate the line to Afrihost at the same time. The line migration was shown as successful on their Clientzone. I checked...
  3. krycor

    Moving ADSL from provider with least downtime?

    Whats the best way to move the ADSL from an ISP back to liberated Telkom line rental(i.e. PPPoE account separate from ADSL line provider)? Preferably with the least amount of downtime? I think i did this the last time and had a week or two without service :(
  4. J

    Why is migration taking so long??

    Hey, I have applied to migrate from telkom to cybersmart (adsl circuit) and they say they got the order number from telkom but that was on the 19th of Feb and it's still not done, please any suggestions or reasons Thanks