1. mylesillidge

    Elon Musk wants more investment in lithium refining to ease battery material shortages

    Lithium refining is "a licence to print money" — Elon Musk Elon Musk has called for more investment in global lithium refining to ease shortages in battery materials — and promised those who seize the opportunity it's as lucrative as "basically minting money." "I'd like to once again urge...
  2. C

    Opinions on "drop in" lithium battery replacements

    Hi, So thanks to all the power cuts my old AGM batteries are finished and barely holding charge. I'm thinking of replacing them with those newish lithium batteries that are sold as drop in replacements. Any opinions on this would be welcomed. I'm looking at either CFE-1280s which are rated at...
  3. RedViking

    The Battery Thread (Solar / Inverter)

    Seeing that there is a lot of discussion and questions around batteries for inverter and solar setups, I thought a dedicated thread is a good idea. This will help to keep the inverters threads focused on the inverters and finding information, prices, stock and general discussion and suggestion...
  4. Budza

    El-Cheapo UPS Battery replacement: Can I use Lithium (LiPo)?

    I've got one of these: The battery doesn't last more than 30min after 1yr of running ONT + WiFi Router (that's the only load it has). To replace that, I can buy another SLA battery, but couldn't I just drop in one of these...
  5. LazyLion

    US Postal Service bans shipment of any device with Lithium Ion Battery Overseas! So much for buying our kindles directly from Amazon! :(