1. RedViking

    Personal Loan - Advice Needed

    I need a big sum of money, couple 100K, but have never had to take out a big loan or debt except for using my credit card and a couple of accounts. Clean financial record. What is the best way to approach it after exhausting every avenue of not taking out a loan. Where is the best place to look...
  2. J

    Finchoice & Capfin loans I never registered for

    Good evening all, I trust you are well this evening. Today I received two mails from Finchoice & Capfin. Both of them say I owe R1 164.40 & R1 064.40 respectively. To give you an idea of where my frustration stems from, I have never in my life applied for a loan from anyone not even the banks...
  3. Johnatan56

    How do joint mortgages work if a member has no credit record?

    So, "hypothetical" situation/scoping out. I'm currently a student, with no real income or credit record, with plans to study at least another two years for an IT NQF9 masters. My mother is nearing retirement age, with enough fixed assets in South Africa to pay for the full worth of the bond...
  4. O

    How do banks calculate individual interest rate?

    Hi. I hear interest is dependent on individual profile. How exactly do banks calculate interest rate for car finance or any other loan? What exactly are they adding and adding and more adding to arrive at individual interest rate? Please advice.
  5. Z

    Financial Advice

    Good Day Fellow MYBB'ers I am in need of some financial advice and guidance. So here is the situation... So last year I bought a car from a dealer, last week I had a look on what is still owed and i saw that it is about R250 000 still that needs to be paid, I currently pay R4000 a month...
  6. J

    Legal Advise Please (Loan Sharks)

    If someone could assist with legal advice I would appreciate it to aid me in taking the next step forward. I applied for a loan on Loan--- but didn't forward any information for the next step to process it. Anyway while applying, unknown to me I was also applying for their "service package"...
  7. NeonNinja

    What's happening here? Mortgage bond/loan?

    Ok, I'm not clued up when it comes to property and the like. So I arrive at home, see a letter on the table: Er, so? What's exactly happening? Our house being bought by the same people? Huh? :wtf: :D
  8. B


    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has used the RAINFIN site to successfully borrow or lend money? It seems like a great concept and also very popular overseas. I don't see a lot of advertising though. Thank you.
  9. R

    Credit life protection

    Is it compulsory to take life insurance with a personal loan? Is this bundling allowed with the CPA? About a year and a half ago Nedbank told me it was compulsory even if I have multiple other life insurance policies. The monthly premium I am being charged is a fixed rate that doesn't even...
  10. Rouxenator

    Should I take money from my access bond to settle my car finance?

    So here is a bit of a brain teaser for you. I have about R80k available in my access bond and was wondering if I should use it to settle my car finance? I currently pay R2.3k a month on the car and still have R98k outstanding. The settlement amount is R79k. I know that settling will result...
  11. 2

    Loans - where to go

    Anyone know who the better loan providers are? I've tried the high street banks .. all incompetent. Someone mentioned DirectAxis is ok .. does anyone have any experiences of them? I see they've got some decent info on their website which makes a nice change.