1. D

    Portals diversifying of platforms and mergers

    So, to keep up to date on happenings in the market, i thought i would start this thread to find out more information. I find the South African E-commerce space to be very interesting and complex, so i keep tabs on whats happening in the market. This is more of a hobby then work related...
  2. Jan

    Bozza mobile content marketplace for Africa based in SA launched

    Bozza mobile content marketplace launched in SA Users can publish their music, videos, poetry, and other content and make money by giving it away for free.
  3. jes

    Android app roundup

    Android app roundup With thousands of Android apps to choose from everyone has their favourite. These are some out our picks
  4. jes

    Android paid-app market arriving in South Africa

    Android paid-app market arriving in South Africa The distributor of HTC products in South Africa has revealed that Android users can expect to have access to paid-apps in Google's marketplace soon
  5. N

    Rooting an HTC Magic (Android) and upgrading to get Marketplace etc

    Hi All, I just spent a few hours putting together this guide after I realised that there are a lot of guides that don't work because they were designed for the G1 (HTC Dream), or more frustratingly, for versions of the Magic that we're not using in SA. Step by Step guide to Rooting and...