1. Kevin Lancaster

    How to avoid electricity meter-reading nightmares

    How to avoid electricity meter-reading nightmares Dennis de Necker received a monthly electricity bill of R563,000 after he installed a new smartmeter – here is how to avoid similar meter-reading problems.
  2. S

    City Power prepaid rates for 3 phase residential connection + smart meter

    I recently moved into a new place with a prepaid meter, and the electricity recharges are ridiculously high compared to what I was paying at my old place. The old place had single phase electricity and one of the old prepaid meters (i.e. not smart). My prepaid recharges in September/October...
  3. Z

    Meter Mate landlord scam

    I moved in to a flat in Boksburg 3 months ago. Coming from Cape Town using the standard municipal prepaid meters. The flat has a Meter Mate meter and our landlord set a standard rate of R400 for 200 units. You cant buy as and when we need, that is the ratio, no exceptions. We have to beg days on...