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    MTN AP Locations

    Hi We're considering installing a yagi antenna for a client's mobile uplink on Afrihost's APN, running on MTN infrastructure. Does anyone know who can be contacted to get exact locations of the closest MTN AP's in the Century City area (WC)? Thanks in advance. J
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    Does MTN want any new customers?

    I want to port from Vodacom to MTN, so decided to fill in the request for a new contract on the website. Request was completed a week ago. Received a reply email only on Monday only, stating that they have received the request, and will respond within 3 business days. Guess...
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    MTN Transfer of subscriber question

    Hi, I have a question regarding the transfer of a subscriber to a new account. Here are the details: We have a MTN SP account with 2 cell phone subscribers I want to transfer one of the numbers from the account to a new account The question is, how do I go about doing this...