1. simmakombe

    Beware of eNetworks (GoTurbo) debit orders!

    I had pre-ordered fibre internet with eNetworks t/a @goturbo as they are offering an attractive deal, they started debiting from my account despite Muizenberg area not having any fibre infrastructure installed. Their phones always go unanswered, I finally managed to get hold of their accounts...
  2. simmakombe

    Muizenberg Fibre

    Anyone with fibre (FTTH) updates in Muizenberg area? I have been trying to get answers from Octotel but their communication is not so great.
  3. B

    Fiber in Muizenberg, Western Cape

    The DFA coverage is growing as seen here for Muizenberg however they dont to Fiber to home :'( I dont know of any Fiber options in Duiker Gate which is right next to the Capricorn Business Park (which is full of fiber).... If anyone gets a lead that could...
  4. A

    Man jumps into sea at Muizenberg to escape armed youths

    Man jumps into sea at Muizenberg to escape armed youths By: Jenna Etheridge, News24 2015-09-25 18:57 Cape Town – A man chased by armed youths on Muizenberg beach escaped after jumping into the icy ocean. Jean-Paul Baron, a 38-year-old teacher, had been taking a leisurely stroll along a...
  5. S

    Using Cell C ZTE MF190 Speedstick Unable to play on Xbox Live

    Good day fellow members. I am willing to provide as much info as possible to resolve my issue :) **The Plan** Last night I received my package from Takealot (Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 + 32gb Transcend usb 3.0 flashdrive) I thought I would be able to pop the game into my xbox install it to...
  6. 2

    Can ping be low with exchange congestion?

    Hi, My 4Mbps connection has the symptoms of exchange congestion in that, while it is testing at around 3.6 Mbps during the day on week days, every evening from about 8pm, and usually the whole weekend, the speed is between 0.7 and 1 Mbps. The things is, the ping never is more than about 60ms...
  7. 2

    Exchange congestion Muizenberg anyone?

    Doesn't seem too bad but this is what I am getting about twice a day, especially around 8-10pm. The ping makes me think congestion as it is normally 20ms. 4Mbps Afrihost business uncapped. Syncing at 4, noise, attenuation seem ok.