mweb bad service

  1. midkemia

    Openserve / Mweb fibre on pole next door but wont install

    I ran into a weird problem, I was upgrading my friends home and we were looking at some fibre options, settled on a 50meg 400gig cap through mweb, used their site to apply which said the location had fibre available. I just got feedback today from Mweb that they canceled the installation...
  2. M

    Mweb Stay Away!!!

    Hi I have a account with MWEB where they host my fiber line and act as my ISP. I would like to warn everybody out there that they do not deliver om what they set out do when you signup. I have a 40Mpbs Fiber line and between 7-9PM they throttle me back so much my internet is useless. On a...
  3. C

    Microsoft Office 365

    I really regret to do this but as a customer for some years of MWEB I am very disappointed in the service that I got the last week from MWEB. I have applied online for a new subscription of Microsoft Office 365 as my previous version is about to expire on 25 MAY 2016. After I have done the...
  4. J

    Mweb not supporting Outlook 2016

    Am I the only one with Outlook 2016 and hosted email at Mweb Business who cannot use the latest mail client because the Mweb Exchange server runs Exchange 2010 SP1? For Outlook 2016 to work the Exchange server needs to be 2010 SP2 or later. Mweb is more than happy to take my money every month...