mweb fibre

  1. M

    Mweb speeds

    Howzit guys, Sometime last year due to COVID, the company I work for decided to pay for our fibre lines so that we could work from home. We were given the base speed of 20/20 Mbps on the Mweb ISP. Now, because I wasn't paying for the fibre, I wasn't too fussed when the speeds were inadequate or...
  2. T

    Constant disconnections on Mweb firbe router

    Almost every 5 min the wifi disconnects. It is impossible to stream anything. How can mWeb help me here.
  3. P

    Mweb fibre router wlan automatically disabling

    So I get my mweb fibre router,the wr7010v2, and the wlan after 5-10 min of uptime, it automatically disables , then I have to relogin to the router and Re enable it, it's really frustrating, is there any fix to this or did they give me a faulty modem?
  4. midkemia

    Openserve / Mweb fibre on pole next door but wont install

    I ran into a weird problem, I was upgrading my friends home and we were looking at some fibre options, settled on a 50meg 400gig cap through mweb, used their site to apply which said the location had fibre available. I just got feedback today from Mweb that they canceled the installation...
  5. T

    Mweb Fibre problem (Shaping??)

    I was hoping someone might be able to assist me. I have a 100mb Fibre line with Mweb on a 200GB capped account. I'm having a lot of difficulty where I am persistently suffering from selective slow browsing from around the middle of each month. Normally it affects it from around 2pm to 1am...
  6. H

    Ethekweni metro fibre

    Does anyone have any feedback on the Ethekweni metro fibre. My comany has been offered this as an alternative to bonded adsl (Telkom not wanting to give us a 10meg line). What i do like is the contention ratio of 8 to 1. Any feedback would be appreciated.