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    MyGica 495MAX - Netflix working

    so while searching to get Netflix working, I came across this patch that seems to get it working 100% without issues, it actually runs better than the normal one and is stable! I can't find the active link again but have uploaded the fix to jumpshare for you to grab.
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    How to force MyGica T230 USB TV tuner for dvb-t2

    I recently bought a MyGica / Geniatech T230 USB TV tuner. I installed the software it came with on Windows XP computer as it doesn't seem to work on Windows 10 even though I have the latest drivers from support team. My end goal is to run it in my Linux server but want to try get the basics...
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    Android MyGica ATV520E Media Centre [S]ale

    Android MyGica ATV520E Media Centre [S] Item name (be very descriptive): Android MyGica ATV520E Media Centre Age and condition: 8 Months Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: Not using it any more Price: R850 Negotiable: No Location: Edenvale, Gauteng Shipping...
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    MyGica ATV510B Media Player - Wireless Connectivity issues

    Does anyone have any experience with one of these devices' wi-fi woes? I'm struggling to get it to connect via wi-fi and the access point reports that it is connected to but the device is not happy. Have played back 1080p videos from USB HDD no...