1. Jan

    Car insurance prices and quoting systems tested

    We tested car insurance companies — with clear winners and losers MyBroadband compared the price of getting comprehensive car insurance from popular insurance companies and found a surprisingly large range.
  2. Jan

    Naked Insurance raises R160 million in investment round

    Naked receives R160 million injection Naked has raised R160 million in a funding round led by Naspers through its tech investment vehicle Naspers Foundry. Naspers Foundry invested R120 million in Naked. The insurance technology firm’s existing investors, Yellowwoods and Hollard, also...
  3. EnderZaMan

    (Quote to written off claim) Naked Insurance Review, you asked for my experience, here it is.

    For those who don't know, Naked is backed/under-written by Hollard insurance. It is an App/AI based insurance company; it takes around 90 seconds to get quoted. (It seriously does) This was my first ever car, I was 19 at the stage of quoting, and it was a performance car. (Fiesta ST 2013) I...
  4. LazyLion

    UK's 'Naked Rambler' Arrested for Nudity, Again

    A British man who has spent most of the past decade naked - and in jail - is back behind bars after defying an order to cover up. Stephen Gough, known as the "Naked Rambler," was arrested Thursday as he left a court in Southampton, southern England, wearing only boots, socks and a knapsack...
  5. J

    SA obsessed with nudity watch this News 24 video

    Their is a new company in town with a naked workforce. It's the most viewed news article on News 24 , is South Africans obsessed with Nudity? Naked Company website
  6. LazyLion

    Kony 2012 filmmaker nude, swearing in San Diego street rant
  7. LazyLion

    Scarlett Johansson naked pictures leaked on Web :eek:
  8. LazyLion

    Activists Stage Nude Protest! Now this is the way to protest!
  9. jes

    MWEB wants naked ADSL now

    MWEB wants naked ADSL now MWEB urges ICASA to go for “easy wins” in the ADSL market which will give immediate benefit to ISPs and consumers
  10. LazyLion

    Louisiana woman demands 1000 mile ride in cab, then strips nude and steals cab Pic at the link [SFW] ... not a bad looking lady! I woulda drive 1000 miles for her! :p
  11. M

    New Zealand teen sells nude pictures of mum online

  12. M

    Naked man hijacks bus

  13. M

    Ohio Peeping Tom hid cell phone in his backside

    ... I wonder if he left it on vibrate?
  14. M

    Wolf whistle works, woman strips

    Woman strips for workers
  15. M

    Woman mistakes naked thief for hubby