1. Newsfeed

    The Pirate Bay blocked by major Dutch ISPs

    The Pirate Bay blocked by major Dutch ISPs Two major ISPs in the Netherlands have blocked subscribers from accessing The Pirate Bay, following a ruling from The Hague.
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    “Hacker” storms TV broadcaster

    “Hacker” storms TV broadcaster A gunman who stormed into the headquarters of Dutch national broadcaster NOS demanding airtime Thursday night claimed to be from a “hackers’ collective”
  3. V

    Reality Check - SA vs Netherlands

    CAUTION: Depression may follow. So my brother lives in the Netherlands and his 100 Mbps line (cable bundle, with telephone and digital tv, unshaped and uncapped @ ~€65) just got upgraded for free to 180(!) Mbps recently. Puts SA ISPs' recent free upgrades from 1Mbps to 4, 4 to 10, etc. into...
  4. mercurial

    Glow in the dark road unveiled in the Netherlands

  5. LazyLion

    Dutch Schools Closed, Police Deployed after 4chan Shooting threat

    Armed police were deployed and schools closed in the western Dutch city of Leiden on Monday after an apparent student threat to "shoot my Dutch teacher and as many students as I can". A decision was taken late Sunday night to close secondary schools to thousands of pupils following a tip-off...
  6. LazyLion

    Downloading Movies and Music Stays Legal in The Netherlands Not a completely ideal situation for all concerned, but a more sensible one than most countries if you ask me. Until the Media Distribution companies learn how...
  7. G

    Dutch city puts its jobless back to work
  8. d0b33

    Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals

    Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals