nokia e7

  1. P

    Can't get Gmail working on Nokia E7

    I use Gmail for Apps, not the regular Gmail service, so my email address doesn't end in, but this should not make a difference. It doesn't for any other services I use to access my Gmail account. I have tried several options, several times, on my E7, both on a Gmail account type and...
  2. jes

    Nokia E7 launched in South Africa

    Nokia E7 launched in South Africa Nokia launched the Nokia E7 Symbian smartphone with slide-out keyboard in South Africa today
  3. O

    Nokia E7 VS Nokia N8???

    Good afternoon all Been reading some posts and you guys seem to be the most clued up ;) I don't want to read through all the posts- tried some but can not find my answer. My upgrade is end of October, and I want to go for the E7 or the N8. I know E7 is coming much later, maybe only next...