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  1. U

    Windows 10 help!

    So starting today, when i open my documents everything in the folder looks like this: And when i open it again in a different window it works: Can someone help me resolve this, i couldn't find anything on the internet. I believe it has something to...
  2. S - Autoforward and Auto-responder not working. Help!

    So I am trying to move a client away from using their * email address, and have helped them to register their own domain and created a new email address on this domain. Their email is hosted on an Office 365 Business Premium subscription. The next step is to auto-forward emails...
  3. B

    Steenberg / Retreat / Allenby [Cape Town] ADSL Down

    Hi guys. My area Steenberg/ Allenby has been with out ADSL or voice [Telkom] since 25th April 2015. I have been following up with them and eventually been told I cant be assisted as my ADSL line is managed by my ISP so I should follow up with them. Although the fault was logged, I was told that...
  4. J

    Need help with new ADSL connection.

    Good day, I have recently gotten adsl, everything is with Telkom except we've gone with mwebs 199pm uncapped. The problem is that after setting up the router (also from Telkom) the dsl light just flashes, no internet connection. everything is brand new so I don't think the filters need changing...
  5. antowan

    Magnet downloads suddenly quit working?

    Dunno if anybody else is suffering this, but I have some magnet links coming down and today all of a sudden no download is working. Just dipping my toes in the collective pool of experience to see if I am alone here? On TELKOM uncapped...
  6. Budza

    Please help! PC Diagnosis Required

    HTPC/gaming rig, connected via GFX (DVI->HDMI cable) to 42" LCD HDTV. Win 7 Ultimate x64. When turning on, about 40% of the time, the fans just go at max speed, and monitor never comes on. Other 60%, there's that initial loudness, then things settle down and all is OK. When running, after...
  7. C

    SGS - External SD card content not in gallery

    This was not a problem until few days ago. I can access my files via "My Files" app with no problem. I have unmounted and mounted again and I can see the details of the card in settings under SD card and Phone Storage but I cannot view my vids and pics in the gallery. I was running...
  8. M

    CD/DVD Drive not working

    Hi I got a Acer Travelmate 7730 with Vista Business with Service Pack 2. I have 4gig ram with the 32 bit OS. I dont recall anything out of the ordinary but when I checked my computer, my CD/DVD does not show up. I tried going to device manager and nothing shows up. I tried scanning for...
  9. M

    DVD Drive does not show up in device manager/my computer after Vista SP2 Upgrade

    Hi I noticed that my cd/dvd drive does not come up on my laptop after upgrading to Vista SP2. I have found solutions for this problem but it never work for it. My machine is an Acer Travelmate 7730. Basically a Intel Core 2 Duo. 2.26GHZ 4gb ram 32 bit os 320 gig hard drive. Windows...
  10. T

    MyBB's shop is down <--- Not working :(