1. Itsa Trap

    Unrequested OTP and Phishing scam

    Hi, not sure if this is the best place to put this, but it is re my MTN mobile contract, that I recently upgraded: Basically got phishing mails (initial links are not even to MTN website, and then goes to mtn.com), I did request an OTP on the fake website, with no intention of even entering...
  2. X

    Mweb and their non-funcitoning OTP

    Hi all, Need advice. A few days ago my dial-up iafrica email just stopped working. Nothing changed my side. When I try to log onto my account via Mweb web based platform, I only have restricted access. I can only change this by receiving a OTP. I have tried since yesterday - NO OTP's arrive at...
  3. J

    FNB otp pin problems

    Just trying to buy something from Fanatical.com using my VISA card, received the otp pin, and entered exactly as it is, order then get cancelled because of the invalid payments, tried it for almost 5 times, still didn't go through, this bank is making my mad! Anyone with a similar problem?
  4. I

    Visa/FNB online secure fail

    I recently purchased something online with my FNB credit card, which has "online secure" or Verified by Visa activated and requires an OTP to complete purchases. I click pay and it takes me to the usual page where I enter the OTP, except I have 2nd thoughts and click cancel. The transaction...
  5. RustyPrincess

    Property Inspection Question

    If you want to have a property inspected before you buy it, can you have the inspector come before you sign an OTP, or is it only possible afterwards? If both, which is better? Also what clauses should be included in the OTP regarding a property inspection? Any advice is welcome :)
  6. M

    Offer to Purchase validity period

    We have signed a sole mandate with an agent to sell our property. He brought us an offer which was valid for 30 days which ended 25 May. There is a clause in the OTP stating if the Purchaser doesn't acquire finance within the OTP validity period, he has an automatic 14 day extension. 6 weeks is...
  7. M

    FNB Online Banking: Secondary OTP from a cell number to my e-mail?

    How do I change my secondary OTP from a cell number to my e-mail address? My primary phone is off and it has a micro sim so I cannot get the OTP to make a payment.
  8. J

    FNB... Seriously?!?!

    Aai FNB, I really don't understand you. You have this big drive to get people onto self service banking. Great, its better for everybody. Then I need to do a simple thing like change the cell number that my OTP gets sent to. Not even Google can tell me how to do this. I call the helpline...