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    Mozilla in Trouble - No Outlook for Linux?

    Few people realise that most users around the globe have either little or no Internet access. http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm Having limited nconnectivity at GPRS/Edge level or with a jurassic dial-up modem, together with exorbitant pricing and also intermittent connections, calls...
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    Cloud computing too fast for broadband saturation in developing regions?

    We are new to Apple and bought an iPhone 5, 5S and MBP less than a year ago, or as recent as November 2013, yet already much of the sync-ability is gone. We sadly divorced from Nokia thus also Windows, because Lumia is not supported by Nokia Suite and users "get forced through the cloud." The...
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    Smartphone or Feature Phone?

    I have a rather bad taste in my mouth after having gotten implicated into the world of Apple. Please refrain from commenting unless you have something constructive, helpful and educational to contribute. Please, no trolling and no derailing of the topic. The need is for the user to have a...
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    Sync Outlook with WP8 via USB now possible

    I recently reverted back to my old Nokia E63 and PC Suite 7 because I could find no USB solution (no cloud available) for my computer setup. My slightly newer Nokia E5 would not sync notes via any of my never versions of Nokia Suite. I have Outlook 2007 and it works just beautiful with Windows...
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    MS Windows 7 64-bit and/or Ms Outlook 2010/3 Sync with Lumia or Galaxy S3

    It all started when I wanted new laptops for my family. Direct PC Sync with Outlook + the OS's resident calendar, contacts, etc., is important. It has to be via USB, Bluetooth or OTA but NOT cloud-based. I was sold on the magnificent MacbookPro and the iPhone 4S. Now that Apple unwisely...