over heating

  1. RedViking

    MSI GE70 - Heat Problem

    Hi, This is my first post, hope it is in the correct section. I recently bought an MSI-GE70-2OE039. When playing Crysis 3 or Dirt 3, within 15 minutes the CPU reach temperatures of between 94 & 97 degrees. Are these temperatures normal for the GE70 series laptops? I've sent the laptop...
  2. S

    My PC is always 'freezing'! WHY?

    Hi there, so I was having this problem when ever I played a game(and only in games) on my PC it would 'stutter' every 5-10M and it would last 30-90s. So I reseated my CPU and GPU and cleaned out all my PC/PU fans. Low and behold it was fixed and I could play hours on end without hassle :)...