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  1. C

    Packard Bell EasyNote TS Ubuntu Install Issues

    Hi everyone, I am having trouble installing Ubuntu Linux 12.10 on a Packard Bell EasyNote TS. The DVD I am using was used to install Ubuntu on another machine. On this laptop (which is running Windows 8) booting from the disc simply does not go beyond a flashing prompt. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. W

    Laptop webcam dead?

    Hi guys. just recently purchased a Packard Bell Te11hc from Makro (picked it up on Friday for a pretty good price). i tested everything when i got it and all seemed well. Last night i started up skype and well.. the webcam wasnt there. I though it was a bit odd. I checked the device manager and...
  3. S


    Hi Everyone Does anybody have an idea of where i can find a working second-hand motherboard for a Packard Bell V7411 laptop? Thanks
  4. Derrick

    Packard Bell Sprint external drive

    If you want a no-frills portable drive but are bewildered by all the other makes and models that feature one-touch backup functionality and other gimmicks, then the Packard Bell Store & Save 3400 is for you. A few years ago, an 80GB or 120GB external hard drive was considered adequate...