1. F

    Recomend Panel Beater

    Hi, please recommend a good panelbeater around Johannesburg North - Sandton/Woodmead/Midrand. I have had a few horrific experiences with panelbeaters hence my post here for good references. I've smashed my bumber but the car is still drivable. Tx
  2. M

    Need help with Roadworthy test\certificate

    I want to know if anyone knows anyone that can help or a testing centre that is not that strict. I have a relative new car, in perfect condition, but one or two minor things on the body that will probably let a strict inspector\centre fail me. That will be fixed in the end of January...
  3. SmellyCelly

    Car Insurance Pay-out Question

    I had a little accident last week now first 4 women want to write the car off. They want to pay me R20 000. My question is, can i get money and the car back? its really not THAT bad, u can see a pic on my profile... Any advice would be awesome. Thank you!
  4. W

    Toyota Auris: Toyota Approved Panel Beater

    Hi Guys, I was hoping someone on this forum would be able to give me advice... I bought a used Toyota Auris with 20000 km on the clock at the end of February this year. Unfortunately I was involved in an accident a month later. My car was at Pro-Beat panel beaters (they’re Toyota...
  5. N

    BMW panel beater - jhb

    If anyone is looking for one, lyndhurst auto ARC, is TOP QUALITY!!!!!! Took my car there last week, they did such an awesome job and in less time than they promised, wont go anywhere else in future.. THEY phoned me every few days with updates, i only had to phone them once.. I never...