1. Jan

    SARS warns of phishing scams

    Beware tax return scams defrauding South Africans The South African Revenue Service has warned the public of phishing scams that are defrauding taxpayers.
  2. J

    Luno Phishing Campaign.

    I just received a SMS saying: This is obviously a phishing campaign. Be careful guys. Also would love to know how these scammers got my number!
  3. R

    email phishing and virus (CXmail/OleDl-BL)

    Anyone else had an increase of spam mail with following virus: CXmail/OleDl-BL (3) Emails seem to be coming from .gr,.br, .by domains We have 2 customers that we do the anti virus for, and both have received similar emails with the same virus today, Luckily Sophos has detected it when users...
  4. Itsa Trap

    Unrequested OTP and Phishing scam

    Hi, not sure if this is the best place to put this, but it is re my MTN mobile contract, that I recently upgraded: Basically got phishing mails (initial links are not even to MTN website, and then goes to, I did request an OTP on the fake website, with no intention of even entering...
  5. J

    4 ways to spot a phishing scam

    4 ways to spot a phishing scam We’ve all received the classic email from a "foreign investor" promising to transfer millions of dollars into our bank account. These fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information - known as phishing scams - are getting more sophisticated.
  6. J


    Seems had a security "incident". Anyone know what happened? I've used it once or twice, but what bothers me is that they have loads of info on a person, including your license plate etc.
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Don’t fall for these online banking phishing email scams

    Don’t fall for these banking phishing email scams Phishing emails targeting online banking customers are a major problem in South Africa – here’s how you can avoid falling victim to these attacks.
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    How criminals use Facebook information to steal your money

    How criminals use your Facebook information to steal your money Criminals are using the information you share on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in spear phishing attacks to get access to your online banking details.
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    You need to watch out for these tax phishing scams

    You need to watch out for these tax phishing scams Tax filing season has barely started and the first phishing emails are already doing the rounds, making it essential for taxpayers to be on high alert.
  10. jes

    How to check for e-mail scams

    How to dodge e-mail scams If you receive an e-mail that seems dodgy, an easy trick for testing its trustworthiness is to run the screen cursor over any embedded links, according to a German computer magazine.
  11. R

    Is Ubuntu spyware??
  12. jes

    Beware Coca-Cola phishing scam in South Africa

    Beware Coca-Cola phishing scam in South Africa Coca-Cola SA warns against the latest phishing scam doing the rounds
  13. QuintonB

    SA spam and malware stats July 2012

    SA email spam percentage revealed Symantic has released the latest numbers on spam email statistics for July 2012
  14. QuintonB

    Phishing: half of PC users don't recognise scams

    Phishing: 50% of users don’t recognise scams Study shows that around half of PC and mobile device users can’t distinguish between a legitimate and fake email or message
  15. B

    ABSA Phishing Scam - Scariest I've seen

    ABSA Phishing Scam I received this phishing email which is the most legit phishing email I've ever see. Looks so real. All the links are legit, except for the attachment which opens a malicious website, but the average user wouldn't easily pick that up. They'd click on the attachment thinking...
  16. J

    New security feature at Nedbank - Approve-It

    Link Anybody had any experience with this?
  17. QuintonB

    Kaspersky detects 780 new phishing programs daily

    Warning: 780 new phishing programs detected daily Kaspersky Lab detects 780 new malicious programs designed to steal users’ online banking data every day
  18. Moby Grape

    Phishing - Beware of Twitter spoof domain linked to WASPA affiliate

    There is a WASPA affiliated site attempting to spoof Twitter and solicit your email addy and telephone number. The domain that redirects you is basically a mis-spell of (one t) You are redirected to a survey page looking very much like and then asked for...
  19. jes

    Pastel issues e-mail phishing scam warning

    Pastel issues e-mail phishing scam warning Pastel sends out warning that their database has been compromised
  20. G

    Scam Alert: 20 Gigs Free from TelkomSA!

    Got this badly worded mail earlier today: TELKOMSA 2011 FREE 20GIG Dear Customer, Due to our currently updated systems, we are given you free 20Gig in your adsl account you click on the below website; (Login Example)...