1. Jamie McKane

    Do you listen to podcasts?

    Do you regularly listen to podcasts? Which podcasts do you listen to?
  2. L

    Downloading podcasts.

    Morning all. I'm looking for sites where I can download podcasts to listen while working. Anything science related and something comical to listen to will be appreciated. I work in a noisy environment so might as well get the headphones out and listen to something interesting. Tx.
  3. LazyLion

    Exporting iTunes MP3's for a friend

    OK, so I have a friend at Church who wants me to grab some MP3 Lectures/Sermons from iTunes for her. Her internet is really sucky and slow and I have uncapped. This is what she asked me to grab for her... http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/brook-hills-audio/id319699838 So if I download...
  4. Derrick

    Podcasts as competition for radio

    A friend of mine was recently appointed as compliance editor for BBC Radio 4. She asked me about podcasts, and specifically professional ones that would be of interest to the radio industry. The trick, of course, is to choose from the thousands that are available, and narrowing it down. This...
  5. 1

    Anyone here also into listening to podcasts?

    Hi guys, I have recently gotten into podcasts and I just can't get enough ;) I listen to: Escape Pod (www.escapepod.org) Black Jack Justice (www.decoderring.libsyn.com/) The Red Panda (www.decoderring.libsyn.com/) The Silent Universe (www.silentuniverse.com/) Cory Doctorow...