1. M

    Corsa 1.4i 2008 Fuel/Air Management Issues

    Hi guys, Your presence has helped me quite a bit in the past with car problems but I can't seem to come right with this one so I've registered just to get your help. Starting 5 months back, my car started running really roughly - rough idle, occasional misfires, uncontrolled revving after...
  2. C

    Senior Software Developer Required

    Hi Everyone! We are on the lookout for a senior full stack engineer for our company (CM Value Added Services). We are a Wireless ISP located in Rivonia - JHB and are offering a high-end salary for a high-end skill set. We are a national Network Operator who physically constructs and...
  3. ChantalMichelle

    Analysts / Developers - JHB and Cape Town options

    Junior Systems Analyst (JHB), Mid Level Systems Analyst (JHB), Senior Systems Analyst (JHB), Team Lead (JHB), Junior Developer (JHB), Mid Level Developer (JHB), Junior Developer (Cape Town), Mid Level Developer (Cape Town), Junior Systems Analyst (Cape Town), Product Owners Assistant/Junior...
  4. H

    Junior IT Technician

    Next Generation Digital Technologies is looking for a young and talented junior technician, who’s passionate about IT, to join our fast growing company based in Johannesburg. Requirements: •Grade 12 Certificate •CompTIA A+ and N+ •Fluent in English •Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft...
  5. D

    Potential Network Admin

    So Im studying to become a Network Administrator, and ill be in my second year. To all network admins, what is the job like? I mean Ive shadowed a network Admin, but it was only for a day. But is it a good field to go into, what other qualifications do you suggest getting, is the job market...
  6. N

    Looking for C++ Programmers for upcoming MMORPG (South African Made)

    Hey guys, To get straight to the juicy stuff, I currently head a small organisation which is creating an MMORPG, based in, and mainly for South Africa. In this team, we have 3 Programmers, 1 Concept Artist, 2 3D Modellers and 2 Game Designers. Being this, I am still looking for about 2-3...
  7. F

    C# / ASP.NET Developer position available

    Not sure if this will be "RAS"-ed, but it is quite urgent and I know few people frequent the "IT Jobs" section and this section has quite high traffic: C# / ASP.NET Developer position on MyBB's IT Jobs