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    Pretoria North - ISP Afrika Greenlight.

    Good Day Guys. ISP Afrika has given the greenlight for installation on a new Network In Pretoria North. The area that will be covered will be from the Entrance of Pretoria North to outlying Akasia. Basically if you are able to see the Mountain they should be able to provide you with coverage...
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    Florauna - Nina Park, Pretoria North / Telkom LTE SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless !

    --- NOTE : this is for Pretoria North , Florauna , Nina Park , Akasia and Outlying ONLY !!! --- Hey Guys. Please register for uncapped broadband @ : If you don't mind to complete my Form / Survey as to provide proof to Telkom there is...
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    Florauna, Pretoria North - Fibre Signups Please Help.

    Hey Guys. Im trying to get FTTH in the Florauna Area The guys at cybersmart are willing to help although I need to get people to sign up for them to see that there is an interest in the area to proceed with trenching. There are currently a few people interested If any one would like to know...