Pretoria North - ISP Afrika Greenlight.


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May 11, 2004
Good Day Guys.

ISP Afrika has given the greenlight for installation on a new Network In Pretoria North.
The area that will be covered will be from the Entrance of Pretoria North to outlying Akasia.
Basically if you are able to see the Mountain they should be able to provide you with coverage.

Note: The Packages listed are tailored for the Pretoria North Area ONLY. other areas will have
different uncapped pricing.

There is currently a special running till the end of July which included free installation Between now and July.
Please follow the attached link for signups.

They are are also working with various Fibre Telecoms to bring fibre to the area although this is still in planning
and could take a while to get the project on the go, so far their new service offerings are the best and most
affordable alternative at the moment.

Thanks for the Help ISP Afrika and thanks to the Community for the help.