printer sharing

  1. P

    Samsung SCX-3405 F How to make network printer

    I have a Samsung SCX-3405F printer Is there a way to make it a network printer? Or to print to it wirelessly? Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated
  2. GreatWmR

    Can't connect to Epson LX-350 (Dot Matrix Printer) over network on Windows 10

    Any help/information will be appreciated. I setup a network at work, and connected the computers to the other printers without issue. But I can't connect the computers to the Epson printer. It gives an error "Could not connect to printer (error code: 0x00004005)". I tried to install the drivers...
  3. S

    print wirelessly from android through win 7 pc?

    Greetings guys, Could someone explain to me how to configure win 7 so that i can send files from my android phone to print via the wireless? P.s. i have an s4, s3mini, 2 galaxy tabs. It would be nice if this works from any wireless device though. Extra info: Printer - Lexmark impact...
  4. D

    How to reshare a shared printer

    i have a two computers connected to an adsl router. computer 1 has a shared printer. (connect to router) computer 2 prints through computer 1. (connect to router) computer 3 is connected to computer 2. can i reshare computer 1's printer through computer 2 so that...