1. W

    Prophecy WoW Guild to be Reborn

    Good Day ladies and gents. After being away for 4Years I am back and I am planning to restore Prophecy back to power. We are putting the Prophecy guild back on the map but not on Lightbringer. Prophecy on Lightbringer (and the realm)is dead and 99% of the players have moved on. Once we...
  2. jes

    Best value for money hard drive capacity

    Best value for money hard drive capacity Which hard drive capacity offers the most storage space for your money?
  3. A

    My Prophecy experience

    Hi guys, Thought I would share this experience with the forum. I am sure most have had good experiences with Prophecy, who generally offer good service with reasonable prices. It was mainly due to the good comments about them on this forum that I decided to give them a try. (Ok, I admit the...
  4. P

    PC International - Experience buying from them? Their prices seem decent. Anyone have experience buying from these guys? Im looking at upgrading in the next 4 - 6 months Thanks