1. K

    Where can I get a recognized E-commerce Specialist Certification?

    I have an IT diploma in Systems Analysis & Design & from a UK college and have been working for an online store since 2012. I started out as a web developer and was heavily involved in the building and maintenance of the online store and eventually I was promoted to manage the whole online store...
  2. PrimeSteak

    Need guidance in studying IT/CS at UNISA

    Hey guys, could you give me some tips/answers to the worries I have about studying at UNISA for an undergrad IT qualification (I'm going to study for a Diploma in IT, starting in 2022). The worries: 1. How many subjects should I take in my first year? While yes, I'm going to study full-time...
  3. K

    [Question] Which countries recognise degrees and diplomas from South Africa ?

    I am curious to know whether qualifications earned in South Africa are recognised as sufficient or suitable qualifications by other country standards. In particular, whether engineering qualifications from Technikons (eg. DUT and MUT) are recognised by countries like Canada, England, Australia etc.
  4. S

    IT Consultant, my job discription at work. 18years of skill but no Qualifications.

    Good day my name is Will Barnard. I am working in the IT industry now for the last 18years of my life. Currently I live in Oudtshoorn the Western Cape for the last 10 years. I am married and have two beautiful children. My Wife is very happy at her work and would not easily leave Oudtshoorn. I...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Best qualifications to land a job at Vodacom

    Best qualifications to land a job at Vodacom Vodacom reveals what it takes to land a job at the company, and which qualifications are highly sought after.
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Most sought-after tech and telecoms qualifications in SA

    Most sought-after tech and telecoms qualifications in South Africa Some of South Africa’s large telecommunications and IT players reveal the most desirable technology and telecommunications skills in the country.
  7. M

    Confused cross platform mobile developer.

    Hi, I am a confused cross platform mobile developer in windows mobile, android, BlackBerry :love:* my fav *, iOS and Symbian. I have self-taught most of it. Learned java on my own, as well, and other programming languages. I love programming and wish to further my qualifications. I did the...
  8. NeonNinja

    IT persons, study and work stream thread

    What are you studying, did study and what job do you do? 1. I'm currently ICDL, A+, N+ and MCSA (Win7), studying for MCITP (Ent.) + Linux+ and also a 3 year diploma in Information Technology (starting next mid-month). I'm 19 and that's it. Not working yet, but will soon at some department of...
  9. mercurial


    I'm considering getting some extra qualifications. Which of the above would you recommend and why? Thanks.