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    Possible solution to slow Rain 4G LTE speeds

    For this method, we're going to use the LTEview app (by @ProAsm) to switch from Rains default band B3 to B38. You require these in order for the band switch to work. 1. A compatible Huawei router (Supports TDD B38 or B41 2500/2600Mhz). Huawei routers that will work (Not all are listed)...
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    Possible Slow 4G LTE fix

    With a compatible router, external antennas, and a tower that broadcasts the B38 band, you can get the "Up to 10Mbps" speeds. Rain operates on B3 and B38. B3 is the default and is always congested, which is why most users get terrible speeds. B38 is less congested, however does not...